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I often get asked what my favorite product is in the store. I picked each and every product myself, so you could argue that I love them all.

I realize that is a cop-out.  

So I'm going to tell you about the first product I fell in love with, SukiFace Pure Facial Moisture-Nourishing. As you may know, I have crazy dry skin, making it quite difficult to keep it from flaking, cracking and looking like a supermodel. (The latter of the three is my upmost concern however unlikely.)

 SukiFace Pure Facial Moisture - Nourishing

Even the bottle looks gorgeous!

What it feels like: It is a facial oil. There is a little dropper that you use to dispense a few drops into your fingers. Then you work it together in your finger tips and apply to your face. This is great for everyone with skin that tends to be on the dry side to use at night. For anyone like me with crazy dry skin, you can use it day or night and see great results.

Suki Pure Facial Moisture-Nourishing

What it smells like: It smells clean without a ton of harsh fragrance.

My favorite time to use it: Right after the shower when I've just cleansed my skin. I find that the hot steam from a shower opens up my pores and this just soaks right in. Pure heaven, folks.

The big kicker: This little bottle will last you for-ev-er. Since you only use about 2 drops at a time it should last you a long time. Conservatively speaking at least 3 months, but for someone like me who doesn't use it every day, I expect this baby to last me a year. Remember all natural products are concentrated so a little bit goes a long way.

Not convinced? Next time you place an order just put a message in there asking for a sample of this or any of the products in the store. If I have the samples in stock, I'll make sure to include it in your "FREE STUFF" bag.

And that's it for our commercial break.

Try it. Do it. You know you want to.

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