MD Moms Diaper Cream

Diaper Cream

By: MD Moms

Things are looking up for rashy bottoms! This lightweight lotion smoothes on white, then turns clear to provide an invisible moisture barrier and to protect, soothe, heal and moisturize all-in-one. Based on an innovative “liquid glove” formulation, a blend of MD Moms' Marine Silk Complex, Vitamins E and B5, zinc oxide, aloe, licorice, shea butter, ginger root extract, chamomile and a natural antibacterial agent protects baby’s skin against irritants from dirty diapers – leaving baby’s bottom clean and dry all day!

Winter tip: Use this all-purpose barrier cream on baby's other set of cheeks to help protect from windburn and chapping.
Contains no phthalates, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum or waxes
Use sparingly: only a dab of this concentrated formula is needed for optimal results
Does not leave a residue on cloth diapers
Clinically tested & hypoallergenic
Made in the USA
No animal testing

Winner of PTPAMedia Award

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