A Note From Sam

Hi. I'm Sam.

About Me: I'm a regular person just like you. I have kids, we live in the suburbs. My husband loves sports. We spent our youth living it up in New York City before settling down in the "fly over states". Some people think I'm funny and sarcastic. I suppose some don't. 

About my skin: My skin is crazy dry due to an autoimmune disease I have called Sjogren's. It is also very sensitive. Not very convenient for a beauty junkie. 

My journey to starting Atypical Beauty: Since I've figured out that I have sensitive skin I've been on the quest for the best products that are still affordable to incorporate into my routine. There was never a single place that had them all. I had to hunt, read labels, research, read scary articles about cancer causing by-products, scare the hell out of my family, and finally find a product that I was 80% sure wouldn't give me cancer. 

That's no way to live people. 

Atypical Beauty came about because I was tired of waiting for someone else to do the right thing and open a store that was safe for me and my family. Everything we sell is as natural as possible while still being effective. People who have imperfect skin (which I've come to realize is most of us) can't afford to use ineffective, expensive products. We need the best products at the best price. 

Welcome friend. I like to think of us as our own Atypical family. We are all different and that gives us common ground. I would love to hear your story and feedback. We have to stick together. Contact me anytime: sam at atypicalbeauty dot com.

Read more from Sam on the Atypical Blog or on twitter: @samanthashepard

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