Atypical Story

Our Story? You can choose the short version or the long version:

Short Version: We sell safe, effective products. That's it.

Long Version: You deserve a safe place to shop that focuses on your concerns. That's what we believe anyway. If you have a skin condition or concern like acne or eczema then you know what it is like to shop the aisles at the pharmacy or cosmetics store and wonder "will this really work??". On top of that, you're wondering "is this safe?".

We decided that we would just do that part for you. So we went shopping and found all the best products for your concerns that are as natural as possible. You may have heard of some brands and others will be new to you. Our hope is that you'll take a look around, discover new brands, new approaches and eventually a new you. At the very least you've joined our little Atypical family by just being here. So go shopping, feel safe and have fun.

Welcome friend.

Atypical Beauty was started by Samantha Shepard (@samanthashepard) in 2012. Read more about Sam here.